1. the introduction of advanced international production technology and equipment, with innovative production technology and research results, to create more suitable for new products without skin characteristics.

2. independently design product modeling, product stylish and novel, unique in the market and get a number of test certificates.

3. form systematic supporting services from product modeling development, injection production to product packaging printing, and build high-quality industrial chain.

4. the production workshop adopts ultra clean air purification standard and disinfection system, anti-static epoxy resin floor, double layer vacuum isolation wall and no dead angle treatment. It fully ensures the high cleanliness of production space; has multiple sets of fully automatic production equipment and various experiments, germicidal, testing and other first entry instruments, and the filling equipment applies pneumatic device. No contact aseptic operation.

High quality raw material suppliers at home and abroad

Our raw materials are filtered through layers and tested by the market. We create professional quality with high quality products and advanced formula.

Leading product packaging and supply system

We strictly control the quality and establish long-term strategic partnership with many domestic and foreign packaging and printing enterprises.

International partner in product technology research and development

Establish strategic cooperative relationship with many scientific research institutions, build a market oriented, technology based, and create first-class high-quality products in the industry.